Devils Kitchen


7.1 miles  800' elevation gain

best season: 
mid June-Oct

1:55 drive

dogs not allowed

Devils Kitchen has less impressive hydrothermal features as Bumpass Hell (see Lassen Hiking Assn), but the setting here is more lush and less stark.

The meadow near Drakesbad is one of the finest in Lassen National Park, with abundant greenery and small creeks. Once past the meadow, the trail enters dense woods, and re-emerges at a collection of fumaroles set in a bowl alongside Hot Springs Creek. There are also bubbling mud pots; these usually are best in early season when there is more water from the snowmelt.

Included is a short and excellent side hike to the major tourist attraction of Boiling Springs Lake.  There are few like it in the United States outside of Yellowstone.

This hike is in Lassen National Park; owned by the public, managed by Lassen National Park. No backpacking.


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