Myrtle Flat


11.3 miles  2550' elevation gain

best season: 
late Apr-early June
but not if snow below:

1:00 drive

dogs welcome


This hike follows the famous Pacific Crest Trail up the immense Chips Creek Canyon.  You enter forest at around 3500' and are treated to a number of fresh creeks.  The campsites are in the wild and remote heart of Chips Creek Roadless Area. Chips Creek can be heard roaring down the canyon far below for most of the hike.

May be ticks in the first 4 miles, especially in April.  They wait on the tips of the grass especially up to about knee height. Treat pants, socks, and shoes with a thorough dampening of Permethrin (let dry befiore wearing) in advance. Easier to spot on light-colored pants.
Unlikely to be ticks at the campsites.

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Maps  Apr 2021 edition

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KML track of hike

These campsites are in Lassen National Forest; owned by the public, managed by Lassen National Forest. Backpacking welcomed; campfires welcomed except late Summer & early Fall.

First Gulch campsite
Williams Flat campsite
Myrtle Flat campsite