South Yolla Bolly cross-country loop


5.6 miles   1800' elevation gain   season:  mid July-Oct   drive: 2:05


Square Lake


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Dogs and horses welcome.  Sorry, no bicycles.



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This is our most remote hike.  We do hikes up to 2 hours and 10 minutes from Chico specifically to include South Yolla Bolly, since Chico is the closest city to the area.

The trails in the area are poorly maintained;  with this hike we include the best trail and a cross-country stretch over the highest mountain in the California Coastal Ranges, Mt Linn.

An exceptional loop, through varied terrain of rocky ridges, meadows, clear creeklets, and small lakes.

Generally we include cross-country only if it is no harder than the hardest trail.  This is one is that hard.  Do not attempt if there is still snow.  GPS recommended

Recommended to hike in on the trail so that the cross-country portion is in the second half of the hike.  That way the steepest portions of the cross-country are uphill rather than downhill.  It is safer this way.

There is a grove of Foxtail Pines along the ridge route Mile 3.4 to Mile 3.8   They are a relatively uncommon species, and this is the southernmost population in the Coastal Ranges.
 Foxtail Pine on ridge 0.4mi NW of Mt Linn summit
Foxtail Pines are endemic (limited) to California.