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these are the peaks visited by our hikes

peak elevation hike page notes
Lassen Peak 10,457' Lassen Peak up-and-back Shasta County high point
Brokeoff Mountain 9,235' Brokeoff Mtn up-and-back Tehama County high point
Crater Peak 8,683' Magee Peak up-and-back on Magee Peak map
Magee Peak 8,549' Magee Peak up-and-back  
Mount Linn 8,092' South Yolla Bolly cross-country loop highest peak in Calif Coast Ranges
Mount Harkness 8,046' Mount Harkness loop  
Butt Mountain 7,870' Butt Mountain up-and-back  
Butte Co. high point 7,140' Humboldt to Cold Springs 7,160'+ summit is in Plumas Co.
Humboldt Peak 7,087' Humboldt Peak up-and-back  
Spanish Peak 7,020' Spanish Peak up-and-back  
Cub-Butt Divide 6,545' Cub-Butt Divide in-and-back  
Ben Lomond Ridge 3,854' Ben Lomond Ridge up-and-back  
Cache Creek Ridge 2,192' Cache Creek Ridge loop  
High Bridge Hill 1,820' High Bridge Hill up-and-back  
Iron Canyon Point 642' Iron Canyon Point out-and-back