Big Chico Creek Flow Gauge

link to DWR Gauge webpage

The flow gauge is at Bidwell Park Golf Course

We ford at T-Ford and J-Ford

Generally we don't consider fording

if River Stage is over 6.50'

Approximately speaking, T-Ford and J-Ford are 1' deep at River Stage 6', and 2' deep at River Stage 7', and 3' deep at River Stage 8', and so on.  River Stage readings on Big Chico Creek have ranged from 5' to 16' over the past decade.

These can be helpful:

  • Trekking poles or a wading staff

  • Watershoes in an ultralight dry sack

Cold water is more dangerous than warm water.  Generally we don't consider fording if the air temperature is below 50F

The creek bed at the fords may be rearranged by large storms

Ford at your own risk, be safe