High Bridge Hill


7.4 miles  1,100' elevation gain

best season: 
but not if snow below:

1:30 drive

dogs welcome

This is a hike in the Cache Creek Natural Area.  It starts with a ford of Bear Creek*, and then climbs through Blue Oak woodland to grassy knolls atop the ridge.  The soil is high in clay, and may be muddy when wet.  Wide-ranging views in all directions.

Some flowers in March and early April.  Look for blue dicks, fillaree, buttercups, lupine, popcornflower, fiddleneck, redbud, and buckbrush.

Trail has clay mud when wet; let dry for 5 or more days after rain before doing this hike.

*There is a crossing of Bear Creek.  The flow ranges from easy to impassable.  The Bear Creek Flow Gauge gives current flow readings.  (Scroll down past RIV STG FEET)(CFS = cubic feet per second)

5 CFS is skip across
15 CFS is may get feet wet
40 CFS is wade across, you might find a spot only 1.5 feet deep
80+ CFS is dangerous for most everybody

If the creek is high, the ford can be bypassed by a short cross-country walk from the highway bridge (see the hike map).

This hike is in Cache Creek Natural Area; owned by the public, managed by Ukiah Field Office of Bureau of Land Management. Backpacking welcomed; campfires welcomed except during wildfire season.

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Street View of trailhead

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