Paynes Creek Crossing


5.0 miles  400' elevation gain

best season: 
but not if snow below:

1:00 drive

dogs welcome

This does a tour in Iron Canyon along Paynes Creek and the Sacramento River

Eons ago the Sacramento River carved Iron Canyon into a basalt lava flow that was obstructing its waters

There is a ford of Paynes Creek near the start of the hike. 

There is no online flow gauge for Paynes Creek.  However, Cow Creek (20 miles north) has a flow gauge.  One day when Cow Creek flow gauge was at Riv Stage 5.25-ft, Payne Creek Crossing was 14" deep and fordable without getting knees wet. Local conditions may vary, use caution. 

As a substitute, the trailhead for Paynes Creek Point is just over a mile away.  No ford required

Wildflowers peak in late March or early April

This hike is in Sacramento River Bend Area; owned by the public, managed by Redding Field Office of Bureau of Land Management. Backpacking welcomed; campfires welcomed except during wildfire season.

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Street View of trailhead



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